Natural Resources

Eastern Oregon has the resources it needs to grow our economy and create stable jobs. Through supporting our natural resource-based businesses, returning decision-making to the local level, and continuing good stewardship, we can make the most of the land we cherish. I will oppose continued attempts to lock up forests, water, and other resources and place the decision making in Salem. This only leads to mismanagement and negative environmental issues. I will advocate for policies that return control to our local communities, families, and organizations.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a business owner, farmer, and a family, we have to live within our means. Oregon must do the same. Oregon’s state budget has never been larger, revenues to the state have never been greater, but it never seems to be enough for Salem. As your state representative, I will focus on streamlining inefficiencies and removing administrative waste. I will ask the question, is this a service we really need, or can this service be delivered better and most cost-effective through the private sector? We must have respect for taxpayers in the budgeting process.

Protecting the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is clear, and we have a duty to defend the right to keep and bear arms. We must stand up to the continual attempts to erode this right. Liberal groups continue to advocate for policies to take your rights away. They ignore the fact that where their policies have been implemented, gun violence increases. I do not believe disarming law-abiding citizens, establishing gun-free zones, taxing ammunition, or confiscating firearms are the answer. I will advocate and vote to protect your Second Amendment rights.

Pro-Life Principles

I believe life begins at conception and ends with natural death. I am proud to advocate pro-life principles regardless of cultural or political pressures. This is a moral issue for our state and country. We must stand up for the vulnerable and defenseless.

Family Comes First

The family is the most important unit in society. Strong families and homes provide the foundation for building up each other and uplifting communities. Many of the issues we face as a society today can be made better if we support policies that can strengthen the family at home.

Family Wage Jobs

Good jobs are created and maintained in a pro-business environment. The best thing the government can do is invest in infrastructure to move products and commodities to market and reduce job-killing regulations. We should be turning to our business owners and entrepreneurs for advice on what can be done to improve and stimulate job creation, not Portland-based think tanks, whose solution is always to tax the job creators.


Education is the best avenue to provide everyone the opportunity to succeed. Funding our education system to provide the best education available is critical to an educated and trained future workforce. We must ensure funding is getting to the classroom and not tied up in state bureaucracy and administration. We also must understand that not every child has the same skills or interests. We must continue investing in CTE programs and trade programs that provide pathways to those that want to enter the workforce after high school.

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